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Vegan Columbian Fudge

Vegan Columbian Fudge

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You wouldn't even know it's vegan if we didn't tell you. This fudge is rich and decadent with a smooth creamy finish. 

Cacao beans are cultivated in Colombia and brought up to the Heart of the Pacific Northwest Columbia River where we slowly roast the beans and then stone-grind them for two whole days to develop the silkiest texture. We then lovingly add double the amount of vanilla paste and full-flavored raw sugar for a bold and beautiful mouthful. 

This delicious creamy rich velvety dark fudge is incredible melted over ice cream.

Keep this in the fridge and enjoy a spoonful every now and then. You will be glad you tried it. 

Ingredients are fair-trade and ethically sourced from small female-owned farms.

The extracts are from a farm that is "Oregon Tilth certified organic", potatoes that make a smooth vodka, ensuring it's gluten-free and celiac friendly! 

Handcrafted with love from our hearts to yours. 

Each glass jar is 9 fluid ounces, 295 grams equivalent.

The glass allows for a clean finish to the flavor while the labels are easy to wash off so you can reuse the jar for your personal pantry. 


Whole dark chocolate, coconut milk, raw cane sugar, artisanal cacao extract from potato-based vodka, and vanilla bean paste. Please keep refrigerated upon opening. 

Free from corn, dairy, gluten, and bad vibes. 




Please note: We do not separate out the naturally occurring cacao butter from our chocolate like many manufacturers do then go around and sell it as a different product. This may cause it to separate on its own if cooled a certain way and appear white, this is perfectly natural. Just give it a stir or melt it a little to recombine. By leaving it in, we create a full-bodied chocolate flavor that is only rivaled by the best. You're welcome.

Bon Appetite! 



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