We stand for peace, unity, radical love, healthy boundaries, and preserving the planet to be habitable for generations to come.

    Care Rituals is an independent, woman-owned company in the Pacific Northwest, working to improve the community starting with my family's historical herbal tea recipes. With more practices to come so keep checking back in for more goodies. 

    Originally it was called Seven Stars Tea Company but is now Care Rituals, LLC. This was born from a multi-generational love of herbal teas and healthy self-care practices. Here we handcraft organic loose leaf teas and create the space we want to live in, filled with love.

    Made with only the highest quality herbs. I am proud to source from Mountain Rose Herbs (USDA certified organic) a local company with ethical and fair-trade practices! Along with other good wholesome companies. 


America's FIRST herbal tea,

replica of the original box from the 1880's.



From Seven Stars Tea to Care Rituals

    In the late 1800’s, Frederick Raile heard the beckoning call to America. Along with his wife and children, they set onto the high seas venturing to the New World in hopes of making a better life for themselves. They gathered their favorite foods and herbs for the long voyage. As they sailed across the Atlantic, high waves tossed the boat around sickeningly. Using their Care Rituals, Frederick and his family were the only passengers to remain in good health through the arduous journey, unlike the other poor souls - probably stricken with scurvy.

    In the dark freezing nights on the endless ocean, they looked to the heavens for inspiration and would find hope from the beauty of the Seven Stars constellation. When they finally settled months later, they delighted to find that the seven of the best herbs grew there in abundance. This reassured their worries about moving from the far distant land they once called home. Frederick quickly set to making his signature herbal blend.

    Seven Stars tea is known for restoring health and improving mood. This loving Care Ritual encourages us to take a moment to savor a cup of tea, with its earthy and aromatic floral blend, subtle hints of roses, and peppermint. A very mild taste to help soothe your inner savage beast and to “Be useful for GOOD!” - as Frederick would say.

    It was in the 1880s when my great-great-grandfather Frederick sold this holistic blend, simply known as the Seven Stars Tea company and it did very well in the great plains until he ultimately passed away. As the family held onto his memory and healthy lifestyle rituals while gathering together for family home evenings and sharing stories over tea, the company merely turned into a past time. That is until one magical day, 140+ years later, the stars aligned just right in my lifetime and I am able to share this tea with the world again.​​

Seven Stars and Six Stars teas, why are there two blends?

For balance, my good dear!

    Seven Stars tea is the original formula, good for restoring a happy state of mind with the power of St. John's wort, however, a word of caution, St. John's wort is only meant to be taken for about a week at a time to build slowly into the system with regular breaks and is best used in darker months of winter as it causes photo-sensitization. This is where Six Stars tea blend, is the same formula but without the St. John's wort to keep up with healthy rituals and good practice every day and night.

    Both blends have psyllium, a gentle fiber that’s especially good before bedtime to keep off the feeling of hunger during the night and have a solid morning constitution - making every new day off to a good start.

    It's important to talk with your health care practitioner as St. John's wort can interact with a lot of modern medications. Although we make no specific health claims, these herbs have been historically known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and anti-depressant qualities.

    I'm proud to bring my families’ herbal tea company back and I hope to spread good healthy rituals so you can drink flowers and keep glowing. With my secret, ancient family recipes passed down for generations and with the help of Care Rituals, it is my mission to bring a bit of magic to this otherwise awfully mundane world. Join in the magic with me and start it off with a cup of tea.


Michelle Celeste

Care Rituals / Alchemist


For the survivor to thrive.
Drink flowers & keep glowing!

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enjoying a cuppa Care Rituals tea