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Care Rituals

Six Stars tea

Six Stars tea

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The FIRST herbal tea of the United States was this signature blend, created by Friedrich Raile in the 1880s. Passed down for generations, this humble tea is historically known for being anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic qualities.

Why Seven Stars and Six Stars? 

To keep up healthy rituals. Seven Stars contains St. John's wort while Six Stars is the same recipe but without St. John's wort. One should not take too much of St. John's wort, it should slowly build up in the system over the course of fall and winter while it's dark to help with photo-sensitivity. Doing so, allows us to absorb more sunlight to create vitamin D, effectively lifting above the winter blues. 
This message has not been approved by the FDA. 

Ingredients: proprietary blend of yarrow, marigold, peppermint, rose, psyllium, nettle, and whispered blessings.  

Keep in a cool, dark place. 

Natural, wheat-free, ethically sourced, + vegan. 


Loose leaf tea blend of 1.41 oz (40g) in a magical hex jar topped with a golden lid. The lid provides full protection from air and the vessel can be used for storing liquid and magical potions afterward. 

Care Rituals - drink flowers & keep glowing 



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