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Care Rituals

Raspberry Cordial (non-alcoholic)

Raspberry Cordial (non-alcoholic)

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From our hearts to you, we have preserved these amazing fruits of summer love into the finest-tasting medicine you'll ever have. The kind of beverage you can have every day or for special occasions. 

Our Raspberry Cordial is great by itself, heated up on a cold night to restore a sense of strength. 

Raspberry Cordial mixed with soda water is a healthy alternative to common sodas. 

Raspberry Cordial drizzled on top of vanilla ice cream, waffles, cheesecake, smoothies, etc. Imagine for yourself something great this will go with. 

Raspberry Cordial even as an addition to a marinade! Or on top of a salad! 

This beverage is so diverse in application and spoken about throughout history. It makes a fantastic gift and a great way to celebrate a special day.


But wait...  I'm not sure what cordial actually means. Hey, you're not alone. I get this asked every day so here's the Oxford definition. 


1. North American 

          Another term for liqueur. 


          A sweet fruit-flavored drink. 

          Similar: crush, concentrate. 

2. A comforting or pleasant-tasting medicine. 


Middle English (also in the sense 'belonging to the heart'): from medieval Latin cordialis, from Latin cor, cord- 'heart'. 


Raspberry Cordial from Care Rituals that's non-alcoholic, just like in the classical sense.

Get a bottle for yourself and for a friend!  


For my dear friends with food allergies, I, Michelle Celeste, the creator of this recipe also suffer with food allergies. If ever you have any questions please feel free to ask. I fully understand just how difficult it is to have quality tasting food that's 'ready-made' and still safe. That's why I make this promise to you that I will be transparent about any ingredients, to ensure your health and mine. <3 



Ingredients: proprietary blend of raspberries, black cherries, cassia cinnamon, orange peel, limoncello, cane sugar, water, honey, and love. 

In the Raspberry Cordial the limoncello is a potato-based vodka to extract the lemony goodness. The alcohol is then boiled off to ensure this is a non-alcoholic beverage. The limoncello serves two purposes - taste and preserving freshness.  

After the boiling process, the local organic honey is added to ensure bio-availability. Though it's more densely packed with nutrition this way, it does need to be shaken occasionally. This is normal. 

Shelf stable. Please refrigerate after opening. 

These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything. Just trying to have a delicious drink. 



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