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Chocolate TEA!

Chocolate TEA!

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All the deliciousness of chocolate and zero-calories. That's right! 

It's sugar-free too! 

"But, how?" - you may ask.

Our chocolate tea is from the husk of the cacao bean which is high in the chemical theobromine, that's the feel-good vibes we get from having our chocolate fix.

Making this chocolate husk tea tastes downright amazing by itself but you can also choose how sweet you want it. Maybe a sugar-free alternative like date-sugar, honey, or (insert your preference here). 

Around the office we like to mix it in our coffee blend and have a little raw cane sugar. It will seriously taste like a mocha but none of that heavy tongue strange sensation like starshmucks or cheapo down the block provides. Try it, you'll love it. 

It's also kid-tested and diabetic approved!  



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